Mjisho is a minimalist Japanese-English dictionary for iOS. Its main feature is a pattern-based search, enabling you to find what you’re looking for, even if you forgot part of it.

For example, a search for anti* will return all words that begin with anti, since the * character matches any number of letters (including none). If the word you are looking for has two characters, but you forgot one of them, you can use the ? character, which matches exactly one letter. Thus, the query ?国 will return all country names (and similar words) with two characters.


Because it was made for lazy people like myself, mjisho doesn’t need you to switch between Japanese mode and English mode like other dictionary apps do. It will automatically detect what you’re looking for from the character set in your query. If it contains romaji, mjisho will search for Japanese words, otherwise it will search for English words.

Mjisho does not show any details such as example sentences, kanji stroke order, or word frequency, and it does not support romaji or radical-based input. If you just started learning Japanese and you are looking for a dictionary, this one will not be very helpful.

Where to get it

Mjisho is currently going through the App Store review. I will update this page once it has passed. Alternatively, you can download the source code here.